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Christian Perlini, CCIM Facilitates $3.8 Million Transaction in Deerfield Beach

20 Jul
Christian Perlini, CCIM

Christian Perlini, CCIM, a distinguished real estate professional at Total Real Estate Consultants, Inc. (TREC) headquartered in South Florida, recently orchestrated a purchase transaction valued at $3.8 million. The property, located at 2001 NW 44th Street in Deerfield Beach was successfully acquired by AZ Group USA, a family-owned and operated manufacturing company. The transaction, although successful, was quite the journey. In this feature, Perlini shares the challenges and triumphant achievements of the process.

“The seller occupied the entire property until a strategic shift in their operational model led to consolidation,” says Perlini. The Seller was seeking a unique situation during the transition in operations where part of the property would be available for use. This led to a temporary arrangement in mid-2022, however there were various tenant-based challenges that prompted the property to quickly return to the market.

Sold – 2001 NW 44th Street, Deerfield Beach

During these challenging times, Perlini collaborated with the seller, the city of Deerfield Beach, and
many other stakeholders in order to ensure the property would be in the best possible condition for use.
Recognizing the scarcity of desirable inventory, particularly with respect to freestanding buildings, AZ
Group USA seized the opportunity and emerged as the ideal buyer. Perlini was essential in facilitating
the connection between the buyer and favorable financing options.
“This transaction will have a lasting positive impact on the community of Deerfield Beach,” says
Perlini, “AZ Group USA is a national company that will surely continue to grow and bring many jobs to
the area.”

If you or someone you know is seeking a commercial real estate professional, feel free to contact
Christian Perlini via email christian@perlinicre.com or phone 954-444-8690.

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